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http://music.fenbei.com/4525239 5.76M MP3

只能找到wma的…… http://www.gougou.com/search?search=take%20your%20sweet%20time&id=0 百度也有Mp3格式的: http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&rn=&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&word=Take%20Your%20Sweet%20Time&lm=0 那只能用那个wma的了 看看是不...

前往下载满意回答 J.C Blagovitch--anything for you 这个室广告歌曲,联想天逸笔记本...You can take your timeBut please make up your mindIf you wanna be ...

宝宝知道 专家指导,健康孕育攻略大全 立即下载 有一首女声英文歌听起来比较激动...To change your mindDon't take the timeShow me your love tonightOh yeah,... 歌曲:be strong 歌手:delta goodrem 专辑:mistaken identity are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue? do you feel like your sinking? are you sick of the rain...

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